Keeping employees engaged in continuous surveys

If people are engaged, they will work hard and will be happy to be doing what they’re doing – they will give you everything. And they’re going to do it efficiently and effectively.

If people are happy they don’t have to work long hours to achieve success; they’ll just do it and love doing it.

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Why upgrade from Wotter Lite?

We’ve been making initiatives to try and give as much financial safety as we can to our staff, but we can’t always afford to do everything.

Some of our feedback was saying we’re not doing enough…but actually, Wotter’s benchmarking shows we’re still doing much better than other companies.

It’s never going to stop us from striving to be better or giving more to our staff, but it does allow me to feel a bit more at ease with some of our feedback.

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Staying on the pulse at Revere

With our previous platform, we would do the survey, we’d get a load of data through, we’d get out a massive spreadsheet, and then we’d have action planning sessions with each team and each department individually to talk to them about things that scored relatively low, and then ask them: 'How can we improve this?' and 'What does good look like for you?'

It was a lengthy process, and now with Wotter it’s just done straightaway. All our feedback now is on the pulse, live, every day. We’re able to respond live to people and embrace that feedback culture.

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