Employee engagement oversight

Oversee all employee engagement insights

Get feedback from everybody in your business

Discover how every area of your company feels about a wide range of important topics with with pulse survey questions designed to get to the heart of the issue. 

You can also create and send custom questions at any time to see what your employees think about your latest initiative, your new hat, or the local weather. 

  • Automate your engagement surveys 
  • Get feedback on current events in the business
  • Find out whether the fez is for you

How to deal with all the data

Never get overwhelmed by notes 

Look at all your employee notes at once with AI Trends. 

AI Trends is your personal librarian – it sorts through all the notes you receive, analyses the subject and underlying sentiment of what your team members are saying, and relays it all back in simple graphs. 

Don’t get bogged down in problems all across the business 

See an engagement problem in your heatmap? Click into the issue to view the heatmap for the relevant area of the company, get the relevant manager on the phone to look at their heatmap together and figure out how to get their engagement issue back on track. 

  • Understand the important talking points in moments 
  • Delegate & collaborate with managers with ease 
Wotter AI Trends and filtering

Get building your employee engagement strategy today

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