Your Employee Engagement Surveys

Gather feedback with pre-built employee engagement surveys

Fully automated pulse surveys

You’ll get pre-written pulse questions sent out to your team automatically via their app, which gauge how engaged they are across 6 key areas

Your employees have the freedom to answer questions weekly or monthly (or even every day if they want), whilst our AI makes sure you always get a consistent flow of highly accurate data in every area (see how). Giving your team this flexibility helps them to answer with more thought, more often. 

All survey questions have been designed with the help of Jill Garret, ex-MD of Gallup, whose wealth of experience has helped to ensure that every question we ask gets to the heart of the issue.

Screenshots of the Wotter mobile app with anonymous surveys.
Employee Engagement - Custom Question

You’ll also be able to create and send out your own questions via the Wotter dashboard to get immediate feedback on anything specific to your company. 

  • Let your team answer on their terms 
  • Get more thought-out feedback 
  • Scientifically-backed automated surveys 
  • Custom questions sent at the push of a button 

The 6 categories of employee engagement

Our pre-built surveys are all based around these 6 core areas of engagement:





Professional Wellbeing

Personal Wellbeing

Our research indicates that these 6 issues, and how an individual feels in relation to them, are the main influences on productivity and retention.

Each category of engagement is split into 4 more specific topics, each with their own set of pre-written questions that delve into how your employees truly feel.

Your insight into each of these subjects gives you the power to create an engagement strategy with a strong foundation rooted in the most important facets of your company culture.