Reduce Employee Turnover

Increase your employee retention

Wotter loyalty pillars

See the exact reasons why employees leave the business

Spot the employee engagement problems that are directly impacting retention with your correlative analysis tool. 

You’ll see which issues are the deciding factors in whether your team members want to stick around or hunt for a new gig. 

  • Spot patterns between engagement & retention
  • Identify the factors hitting your bottom line hardest

Want to see how much your staff turnover could be costing you?

Bonus scheme action tracking

Use targeted Actions to protect your engagement & reduce turnover

Now you’ve identified the engagement areas that are losing you staff, start making inroads by designing an Action. 

You’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your Actions on specific areas of employee engagement and retention, giving you the power to make data-driven alterations along the way. 

  • Track the success of Actions 
  • Make improvements for maximum ROI
  • Get the most out of your resources

Get building your employee engagement strategy today

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