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Number 1 for Higher Education

In October 2023 we were extremely proud to be awarded first place in APUC’s staff engagement  survey framework.

Take a look at our post to find out more about why were selected and what we’re doing to help the Education sector tackle their engagement issues.

Live employee insights

Find out how your staff really feel

Wotter shows you live feedback from every demographic of your institution, giving you the power to take quick, targeted action.

Your employee engagement (especially that of academic employees) is directly tied to student engagement and performance.

That’s why Wotter gives you so many ways to better understand your departments’ needs – from continuous surveys to anonymous chat functions, we’ve got you covered.

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Increased retention

Tackle issues with ease to reduce staff turnover

Wotter’s actionable feedback data allows you to be highly responsive to issues and ideas mentioned by your faculty. 

Putting this feedback into action shows your team what they’re worth to you, building a sense of community within the institution. 

You can also track the effectiveness of your actions on engagement and adjust course to maximise the impact of every initiative

Communication & people strategy

Build a stronger people culture

Wotter makes it easy to build a culture of open communication, recognition and inclusivity (with exclusive live ED&I surveying).

By giving your employees an easy way to voice their thoughts, you’ll spend less time patching up problems and more time building a people strategy that pushes your institution forwards.

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Learn something new

It’s never to late to learn how Wotter’s AI pulse surveying platform can help you shape your institution into the future of employee engagement.