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Live employee insights

Maximise employee engagement

When it comes to engineering, having engaged employees is essential not just for business success but for personal safety.

Wotter shows you how engaged your teams are business-wide so you can take action and make measurable improvements to help employees feel their best and work even better.

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Trackable engagement initiatives

Tackle issues to retain & attract top talent

Your staff are what makes your business different. And in Engineering, losing staff can be even more costly than the norm. Think of training time, lost productivity,  and time your managers need to train and hire. It adds up

With our dashboard, you’ll be able to form the best people strategy that responds to how employees are feeling in real time.

Keep your star performers and become more attractive to those working elsewhere, your bottom line will thank you. 

Open communication & recognition

Build a stronger company culture

Fostering a culture of open dialogue and recognition becomes seamless with Wotter’s comprehensive suite of automated surveys and recognition tools.

In the dynamic realm of engineering, where collaborative efforts spark innovation, our platform ensures that ideas flow effortlessly when your company unites as one cohesive force.

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