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Live feedback, instant improvements

Stay in touch with your team. Build an adaptive people strategy.

Wotter’s live data shows you how your employees are feeling in real time so you can take action to retain top talent and push your business forwards. 

Understand your team better

Get live feedback from all corners of the company

Wotter gives you an overview of how your employees feel so you can easily spot and remedy problems within any demographic or location.

With action tracking, you can measure the effectiveness of initiatives to adjust course on the fly and get the most out of your budget.

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Retain and attract talent

Find out what matters to your team

Understand what your employees need from work with AI technology that shows you the sentiment behind thousands of notes at once.

Easily address ideas and concerns from across the company to keep your employees engaged and invested in your business.

Build a stronger company culture

Promote recognition in your business

Strengthening your company culture is easy with Wotter. You can promote recognition, boost engagement and give your employees a voice.

Form a more cohesive people strategy, so instead of patching up problems along the way, you can keep working towards a more successful future.

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Open the door to real feedback