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You work hard for your team, Wotter shows you what works best

Monitor trends in real-time to diagnose developing issues before they impact morale, productivity or retention. Benchmark teams and roles to identify strengths, risks and best practices for supporting employees. Track the impact of HR initiatives at scale – from training programs to policy changes and more.

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HR scaled

Deepen your understanding of all demographics

Find out how your staff really feel

Wotter allows you to see how every group within your company is feeling in real-time so you can make targeted improvements

Delve deeper into delicate topics by opening conversations with anonymous employees. You get the full picture, they get the safe space to talk.

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Track initiative success

Measure the impact of your actions

Finally, you’ll be able to see hard evidence of which solutions are working – and which to upgrade.

Seeing the real effect your work has on the people around you helps you build and edit your action plan to match the current state of the business.

Better company culture

Build a stronger company culture

Wotter helps you to make your business a more positive and inclusive place with live ED&I surveys.

These surveys instil inclusive concepts into your culture whilst measuring individual employee experiences. Filter all employee engagement data through personal characteristics with Wotter’s live ED&I. 

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