Live employee engagement metrics

Understand your teams on a deeper level, build a thriving culture

Find out what really matters to your employees with the Wotter dashboard. Live employee engagement metrics and AI suggestions help you to create targeted actions and track their impact.

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Overall engagement

Check your progress at a glance

See how engaged your business is with a quick glance at the Wotter score. 

Your score’s change over time is a good indicator of what direction you’re moving in overall. If you ever struggle to see the forrest for the trees, this bit’s for you.

Wondering how you compare to other organisations? Just check your benchmarking. 

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Focus areas

Target your real priorities

Employee feedback should never feel overwhelming. To keep you from getting bogged down in data, our Wotter AI detects the most important issues you’re facing.

These are your top priorities – the hidden cross-sections of the company where you can make the biggest difference to your employees. No data digging necessary! 

AI trend analysis

Breakdown your notes using AI

Once the notes start rolling in, it can be hard to stay on top of them. Luckily, our AI can help with that, too.

We’ll break down your notes into common themes and give you an overview what your employees have to say. 

You’ll see how many people are talking about each subject along with a sentiment summary, giving you the necessary data to take action quickly.

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Screenshot of the Wotter dashboard shows AI generated suggestions pop up in the bottom right hand side of the screen offering initiative advice to help with a particular issue seen to crop up regularly in employee notes.

AI action suggestions

Create effective solutions faster

Get some ideas to tackle negative employee feedback with AI generated action suggestions.

Wotter’s AI creates these suggestions specifically for your business based on your employee’s handwritten notes. 

Live feedback with next generation analytics? The future of employee engagement is now.

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Automated Net Promoter Score breakdowns

See how many employees would recommend your business as a good or inclusive place to work with automatic, ongoing eNPS and iNPS data collection. 

The Employee Net Promoter Score and Wotter’s unique Inclusion Net Promoter Score offer simple but powerful live insights.

Gone are the days of annual, perpetually outdated indicators of your valuable company culture.

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Recognition Ranking

Recognition history & ranking

Spot your unsung heroes

See praise between your employees to find out who is going above and beyond for their colleagues. 

Now you can appreciate your team players working in the background to help the whole business succeed. Promote teamwork and a sense of community with recognition.

Engagement heatmap

Get complete oversight

Your heatmap gives you a bird’s eye view of how your demographics feel across 6 key engagement categories.

With a swipe of the heatmap, compare your engagement scores over time or see benchmark comparisons for a wider perspective.


Create change through honest feedback

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