Calculate employee turnover costs

Losing staff is costly, but these costs are often hidden. Use our employee turnover cost calculator to work out how much it might be costing you.

£1 = ~$1.2 | £1 = ~€1.15
(Calculations based on recent rough figures)


2 Month(s)


2 Day(s)


2 Day(s)


1.5 Month(s)


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3 Day(s)


The hidden cost of
employee turnover in your business (per year)


Turnover Cost Per Person (% of annual salary)


Contract length Monthly Wotter Cost Annual Saving
(After Wotter Cost)
Rolling Monthly £0 £0
1 Year £0 £0
2 Years £0 £0
3 Years £0 £0

*Companies using Wotter typically see a reduction of at least 20% in Staff Turnover.

What can you do?

Fix the root problems

Employee turnover is an inevitability. No business can prevent it completely. Despite the most supportive culture or robust career development programs, some degree of attrition is unavoidable.

However, all turnover is not created equal! Voluntary exits of your top talent likely signify larger engagement issues. Without a monitoring tool like Wotter, however, connecting the dots between recurring retention problems and their root causes can prove difficult.

The cost of replacing staff can exceed 200% of the individuals salary, so it’s better to get ahead of the problem in order to reduce your employee turnover cost.

Image of man leaving the office to demonstrate employee turnover cost

How can I do that?

The Wotter platform

Our pulse surveys shine a spotlight on underlying issues impacting employee satisfaction and loyalty across your workforce.

By integrating AI analytics, we help you pinpoint pressure points that may be driving turnover – whether it’s burned out managers, lack of advancement opportunities, or feelings of being undervalued.

But we don’t just leave you in the lurch. The Wotter platform is tailored to help you fix these problems by suggesting potential fixes, and helping to track the effectiveness of the changes you’ve made.

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