Continuous insight accelerates transformation

Driving enterprise growth through AI powered insights

Our AI powered solution enables enterprise-wide transparency through always-on channels between leadership and all stakeholders. The augmented intelligence continuously gathers, identifies, and acts on signals to dismantle barriers to collaboration and ownership.

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Live employee insights

Develop a deeper understanding of your employees

In larger companies, it’s easy for issues to fly under the radar. Wotter shows you how every demographic, team and location feel about a range of issues in real time with live anonymous feedback. 

Uncover issues and ideas easily with AI analysis and make targeted, measurable improvements. 

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Attract talent from your rivals

Stand out from the competition

To stay at the forefront of your industry, you need the best people driving innovation and results, so invest in engaging culture and employee experience to more easily attract and retain top talent through competitive edge.

Build an environment where people feel continuously heard and demonstrates a commitment to transparency and development.

Reduced staff turnover

Improve your bottom line

Reduce staff turnover with a culture of open communication and recognition – and attract top talent from competitors. 

Wotter enables you to stop patching up problems and start pushing your people strategy forward to make the business thrive. 

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Open the door to real feedback

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