Our vision

The world we share faces many problems, many of which were created by humans. Luckily, many of them are also solvable by humans, primarily through our work.

We don’t want to see our world deteriorate through disengagement.

If we can build a world where everybody loves their work, and is engaged to solve the problems we face…

Wotter What a world that would be.

Who are we?

We're all about employee engagement

Engagement is the lifeblood that runs through the veins here at Wotter, and is something that both of our co-founders are exceptionally passionate about.

Coming from employee wellbeing businesses running employee events and incentives, Fraser and Paul knew that engagement could be done better. Companies were spending millions on what they thought their staff needed, without asking whether it was actually what they wanted. 

FraserAbout 1

Fraser Duncumb


Fraser's one of our co-founders at Wotter. As CEO, Fraser ensures that everybody at Wotter is rowing in the same direction – towards a better future of work.

Paul About 6

Paul Johnson


Paul, our other co-founder and COO at Wotter. Paul draws on his background managing teams of 1000+ employees to optimise internal and external systems at Wotter.

More than
Questions Answered

How did we get here?

New problems need new solutions

The pandemic touched countless lives, reshaping the very fabric of how the world operates. Work is no longer confined to traditional office spaces; it spans the spectrum from home offices to nomadic minivans exploring the world.

The landscape has shifted, and with it, the old methods of conducting employee surveys have become outdated.

Given our experience in employee wellbeing, we stepped up to the plate ready to revolutionise the way we understand and engage with the workforce.

Since then, we’ve partnered with businesses in over 27 countries worldwide and had over 450,000 engagement questions answered.

What next?

AI powered insights

Our aim is to become the first fully predictive engagement platform. 

We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of what AI can do. As it develops and we continue to grow, we’ll step closer to being able to use AI to predict (and fix) changes in your engagement before they happen.

Screenshot of the Wotter dashboard shows AI generated suggestions pop up in the bottom right hand side of the screen offering initiative advice to help with a particular issue seen to crop up regularly in employee notes.

Board & Advisors

Chris 1


AI & Development expert

Previously a Google research engineer & a quantitive analyst for a London-based hedgefund, Chris Potempa is a world-leading AI developer. He is actively working at Wotter to continually expand our AI capabilities.

Jill 1


Employee Engagement Expert

Jill Garrett is the ex-MD of Gallup, one of the world's most prolific researchers into the world of work and employee engagement.
She has worked closely with Wotter to build our 6 key areas of engagement and their pulse surveys.

David 1


HR Expert

David Roberts has been an interim CPO for Just Eat, American Express, EE, Worldpay and many other industry leaders.
He continues to push for Employee Engagement to be a core focus of HR teams. He is a board member and a hands-on advisor at Wotter.

Olga 1

Dr Olga

DE&I Expert

Dr Olga Frańczak has a wealth of research and coaching experience in DE&I, holding a PhD on equality laws and policies.
She has advised the Council of Europe on Diversity and Inclusion. She has had an instrumental role in Wotter's live ED&I survey.

Our environment matters

We’re committed to making the world a better place, inside and outside the office, which is why we’ve committed to becoming net-zero by 2025. 

We’ve started this journey by ensuring our platform is fully carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutral Platform - Badge

Join us on our journey

We’re always happy to connect with likeminded businesses who want to make their workplaces better. Build the engagement platform of the future with us. 

Book a free, no obligation call with our employee engagement experts.