Enhancing an award winning culture with Carrington West

Emily Christmas
HR Manager, Carrington West
Carrington West ready for a company outing
Carrington West is an award-winning recruitment company providing technical talent to the UK highways, transport & infrastructure, town planning, property, water & environmental, utilities, power & telecoms, building & construction and rail industries. They recruit interim, temporary and permanent professionals from entry to board level across multiple disciplines for private and public sector organisations.

Portsmouth, UK


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We've built a really special company culture at Carrington West. To make sure we kept this as we grew, we needed to make sure we listened to our employees. We partnered with Wotter to help us evolve.

The Story of Carrington West 

Carrington West provide technical talent to the built environment sector in the UK. Founded in 2011, Carrington West has grown their team rapidly through passion & commitment to integrity and excellence. 

In October 2021, Carrington West were looking ahead at the next year, planning a period of rapid headcount growth.

At just 10 years old, Carrington West had built a team who all knew each other well, had a level of trust, and felt comfortable sharing their ideas and issues. Carrington West knew they needed to find a way of keeping the trust, and evolving the culture they’d fought so hard to build over the years. 

Why Carrington West Chose Wotter 

Having been introduced to Wotter through a business associate, Carrington West saw an opportunity to measure their company culture and track the inevitable changes that come along with growth, so they could continue to curate the culture they wanted to see in the business. 

Carrington West was attracted to Wotter’s platform because of the continuous flow of feedback it offered, as well as the easily dissectible data – being able to see at a glance on their dashboard what areas of engagement were scoring well, where they could improve that week, and what the differences were between their teams. 

Working With Wotter

In their first year of using Wotter, Carrington West uncovered a lot about their team and capitalised hard on the feedback they were getting. 

With the future in mind, Carrington West are also using their employee’s feedback data to drive planning, HR strategy and wider business strategy in order to continuously improve their company culture for everybody. 


When Carrington West first partnered with Wotter, they were already reaching exceptional employee engagement scores on the Wotter platform, and had achieved  the Investors In People (IIP) Platinum status. 

During their first year with Wotter, Carrington West have not only maintained this level of engagement through a significant period of growth, but they have increased their overall Wotter employee engagement score by a significant amount.

They have also achieved an impressive array of awards, including the IIP Employee Engagement award, the IIP UK Employer of the Year (50-449 employees) award, and the Global Recruiter Best In-House Training award.