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Direct results, better action

Understand the impact, create the solution

Action tracking gives you the data to upgrade your initiatives in real-time based on your employees’ perspectives.

Track your impact

Target specific issues with actions

Tackle any problem with a targeted action and select the employee engagement metrics you want to track alongside it.

See at a glance how effective your team-building exercise was at strengthening relationships in the admin department last month – or whatever else it is you want to track.

Action Example
Listening to Employees Benchmark

Improve ROI

Ensure you're getting the ROI you need

Wotter was founded to ensure business leaders weren’t wasting their money on problems that didn’t need solving in the first place.

With more clarity into how your actions affect your staff, you can prioritise your spending and ensure you’re not throwing money at something that isn’t working. 

Get the data you need to scrap actions that sap your budget and justify worthy expenditures in the boardroom. 

Custom questions

Keep improving actions with ongoing feedback

Don’t settle for actions that make a bit of headway – keep boosting engagement by tweaking your initiative and asking custom questions until you’re happy with the data. 

Action tracking happens automatically in the background, so you can dip back in and make adjustments whenever to customise your solutions.


Build an adaptive people strategy