What You'll Get

Screenshots of the Wotter mobile app with anonymous surveys.

The Wotter Mobile App

iOS and Android

Every member of your company who is signed up to Wotter will have unrestricted access to our mobile app, where they’ll be able to provide honest feedback into how they’re feeling.

It’s available on both major app stores and there’s even a web version if needed!


Track 24 key areas of employee engagement.

Your staff will be asked a variety of questions, built to target 24 key areas of employee engagement. Questions take an average of 7.7 seconds to answer, so you’ll be up and running with actionable insights in no time!


Get direct feedback from your staff, anytime, anywhere.

In a work environment, it can often be challenging to voice your feelings. With our virtual suggestion box, staff can say whatever is on their mind at any time, be it positive or negative.

Anonymous Conversations

Open honest channels of communication.

Through the Wotter app, your staff will have a platform to anonymously talk with you, providing a space for honest, open communication.

The Wotter Dashboard

Web and Mobile

All that data has to go somewhere! With the Wotter Dashboard, you’ll find all of your data broken down into simple, easy to analyse sections.

Using AI, we’ll show you where the pain points are, as well as help you track the effectiveness of your fixes.

Screenshot 2022 04 12 at 11.36.19


Break down your data into easy to manage sections.

Analysing the data that comes from the app is hard. Which is why we’ve broken it down into key areas that we call “Modules”.  

Each module provides you a brief overview into a specific area. Including things you can work on, things you’re doing well, app engagement levels, notes, and more!

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Find out more about the key areas of employee engagement.

All of the questions we ask at Wotter can be placed into 1 of 6 categories; Loyalty, Leadership, Trust, Collaboration, Personal Wellbeing and Professional Wellbeing. 

These can all be further broken down to give you our insights page. Which will show you at a glance how your company is performing in each one. Want to find out more? You can click into the insight to see a detailed breakdown of where the score has come from.


Carry on the conversation with honest feedback.

As feedback starts rolling in, you’ll come across notes that you want to delve a little deeper into. With our messages system, you can do just that. 

Staff will remain anonymous, allowing you to carry on the conversation to get to the root of the issue. Maybe you could create a new action as a result?!

Wotter Chat Screenshot

Want to see more?

Book in for a demo and we’ll show you what Wotter can do for your business.