A strong foundation can build an empire

Listen up, scale up

Scaling your company is a hard task. But it’s easier when you know all of your employees are rowing the boat in the same direction. With Wotter, you can kickstart your growth process and find bottlenecks that could prevent it further down the line.

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Increase your win count

When your team win, so do you

With a small team, it’s easy for everyone to talk to each other, but it can still be difficult to speak about the important stuff.

Wotter helps you uncover issues and barriers your team are experiencing by sending employees regular anonymous surveys.

Getting everyone on the same page and invested in your business is a sure-fire way to increase your wins.

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Retain and attract top talent

Improve retention, attract the best talent

You’ve worked hard to build the best team; Wotter helps you to keep them invested in the business. 

The advantage of running a small company is this: you have the agility larger companies lack.

With the ability to see the impact of your actions on engagement, you can make swift improvements, helping you to retain your top performers – and attract some away from competitors. 

Align your business to the same goals

Promote agility and innovation

Our employee listening platform creates an agile, transparent culture via always-on feedback channels across your organisation, enabling small business leaders to tap into real-time workforce perspectives and swiftly adapt to market shifts.

Promoting this inclusive culture early paves the way for agility and innovation as you grow. 

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Grow with your company

Book a free, no obligation call with our employee engagement experts.