The feedback advantage

Stand out from your competition

As your business grows, it can be easy to lose track of what got you there in the first place. With Wotter’s employee engagement platform, you’ll stay connected to what’s important to your staff, keeping you on the right path for your journey.

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Live employee insights

Stay in touch with every member of your team

Once you reach a certain size, it’s impossible to know all of your employees on a personal basis.

Wotter gathers live feedback from every corner of the business using anonymous surveys, helping you to understand all your employees on a deeper level. This gives you the power to take action based on the current state of the business.

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Improve your bottom line

Trackable initiative success

Wotter helps you to maximise the impact of every action you take to better engage your team without dipping further into your budget. 

The ability to track the effectiveness of your actions means you can make targeted decisions to retain and attract talent.

Focus your time and money on the things that work, justifying expenditures to the board in the process. 

Employee communication & recognition

Grow your business and your company culture

Growing a business is one thing, growing a business whilst making sure all employees align with the values is quite another. 

Wotter makes it easy to keep everybody on the same page by helping communication, encouraging recognition, and giving you a bird’s eye view of engagement. 

Build on your people strategy continuously instead of patching up problems along the way.

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Find out how your teams really feel

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