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Understand ED&I in real time. Build an inclusive culture for everybody

Get live ED&I insights year-round with non-intrusive questions that won’t polarise anybody in your team. Filter all engagement data by personal characteristics and even see how many of your team would recommend the business as an inclusive place to work with Wotter’s unique iNPS score.

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Track ED&I automatically

Wotter's live inclusion survey

Wotter’s live survey spotlights inclusion year-round, knowing this organically brings equity and diversity.

Running continuously, it provides real-time insights revealing how company culture impacts each demographic.

Crafted together with Dr. Olga Frańczak, advisor to the Council of Europe on diversity and inclusion initiatives, this shapes a fresh path beyond conventional surveys.

Inclusion Question

Additional filtering

Add another layer to your data

Our optional ED&I surveys invite employees to share personal characteristics – spanning education, religion, disabilities and more.

We fully understand the sensitivity of this information, so every question is skippable. Yet this adds a valuable dimension to analyse if company environments suit all needs.

The goal is simple: see where and how people of all backgrounds experience inclusion so we can thoughtfully make it better together.

Live dynamic surveys

Developing conventional thinking

Our inclusion questions artfully prompt deeper thought through simplicity, not polarisation.

Carefully crafted to inspire reflection within your company first, these conversations can ripple out to gradually shift conventional thinking at large. Progress flows organically by bringing more voices into the movement.

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Inclusion net promoter score

Wotter's unique iNPS score

Discover your inclusion recommendation score with Wotter’s pioneering iNPS – the inclusion Net Promoter Score.

Inspired by the renowned eNPS model of employee experience, this new metric uniquely measures inclusivity perceptions.

See what your team says – learn your score now!

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