The dynamic employee survey app

See your business from an employee perspective, help your culture thrive

Wotter’s employee survey app gives your team an easy way to send you instant feedback. In the app, you’ll find: personalised pulse surveys, custom company questions, the anonymous 1-to-1 chat feature, recognition prompts, and the suggestion box.

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It is clear the app has made employees feel engaged and valued as their true thoughts and feelings can be heard with the anonymity of their responses.

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AI powered questions

Get hyper-relevant live feedback

Give your employees a way to send feedback about the things that really matter with Wotter’s automated pulse surveys. 

All pulse survey questions have been pre-written with help from expert Jill Garret (ex-MD of Gallup). 

Every question sent to your employees is handpicked by our AI, based on their previous answers and those of their team members – meaning there’s more air time for the topics relevant right now.

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Custom surveys

Easily gather company-specific feedback

Send your burning questions straight to employees for instant feedback about anything from your latest event to their next big project.

Schedule surveys to go out at the same time as your new initiative for a hassle-free action launch. 

Anonymous chat

Help employees talk about sensitive topics

Open a dialogue with employees to get more detail about a specific piece of feedback. 

Employees can respond anonymously – giving them room to speak openly about delicate issues, and giving you the info you need to fix problems before they have the chance to escalate.

Often, the hardest things to say are the most important.



Create a culture of appreciation

Build stronger relationships across your business. Give your employees an easy way to thank each other for their hard work, their support, or even sharing their jam donuts. 

When you hear how your work has helped not just your business but your colleagues, you feel like part of something bigger than yourself – and hey, don’t we all just need a thank you sometimes? 

Tap into your greatest asset: your people

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