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Your employees power the business, Wotter helps them thrive

Our intuitive surveys make it easy to confidentially rate daily experiences with managers, culture, policies and more. See your organisation’s engagement levels displayed transparently – updated in real-time. Compare teams, roles and demographics to understand gaps and opportunities.

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Anonymous questions, honest feedback

Open up a dialogue. Build a culture of communication.

Wotter gives employees a way to give live feedback about their experience at work so they can let you know what’s helping them to feel and perform even better. 

Live employee insights

Help employees to give honest feedback

Wotter gives employees an easy way to anonymously share their work experience with those who can make a difference. 

With personalised survey questions, a suggestion box and an anonymous chat, there are plenty of ways for employees to get their voice heard

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Action tracking

Find out what really helps your team

Employees can give live feedback across a range of topics to let you know the impact of initiatives.

Wotter’s ensures none of this valuable feedback is lost in the noise; automatic action tracking means you can focus on making continuous improvements.

Your employee engagement insights

Build a stronger company culture

Wotter makes it easy to strengthen relationships across the business by encouraging recognition, promoting inclusion and improving communication for everybody. 

Employees who can say how they feel and see the business responding with real action can reach a level of psychological safety crucial for personal and professional success


Give your employees a voice

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