Balancing numbers, driving success

You work hard to balance the business, Wotter gives you the data to go further

With unparalleled visibility into workforce engagement levels, you can benchmark teams to uncover the biggest opportunities for driving productivity. Monitor trends over time to see the tangible dollar impacts associated with improving or declining morale.

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Finance scaled

Measure initiative success

Budget based on hard evidence

Wotter enables you to make informed decisions about which projects deserve the most support.

Measure the direct impact of actions improving employee engagement to gain control over the more slippery side of the business.

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Live employee insights

Stop issues from escalating into expenses

Wotter’s feedback data gives you insight into every corner of the business, making it easy to spot and remedy problems within any demographic or location. 

Get ahead of the problem – and the cost.

Retain talent

Reduce staff turnover

Retaining your top talent is easy when you understand how to engage them better across the board. 

Wotter improves communication throughout the whole business, helping the decision-makers address employee needs. Keep your team tuned in and on board.

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Get the best ROI for your people strategy

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