Wotter ranked No.1 employee survey provider in HE framework by advanced procurement for universities and colleges (APUC)

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In October 2023, Wotter was ranked No.1 in the Staff Engagement Survey framework agreement (Lot 1) created by the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC). This framework was put together through a competitive tendering process.

The advanced procurement for universities and colleges framework

Though this framework was created for HEIs in Scotland, institutions across the UK can join APUC as an Associate Member to gain access.

Through the advanced procurement for universities and colleges framework, Wotter provides a service that can be self-managed through the platform’s functionality. Wotter executes automated pulse surveys which change dynamically according to the institution’s continuous data. HEIs are also able to create and schedule unlimited surveys, access expert-written survey templates on a range of topics (such as the live ED&I survey) and gather eNPS (employee Net Promoter) and iNPS (inclusion Net Promoter) scores

HEIs using Wotter will also receive ongoing support from their dedicated Account Manager who fosters a close working relationship with the institution. Wotter’s Account Managers are on hand to assist with objective setting, strategy building and action planning, whilst Wotter’s in-dashboard AI also provides personalised Action suggestions to target engagement focus areas.

Framework reference: PFB1046 AP Lot 1

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The Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) is the procurement centre of expertise for all of Scotland’s universities and colleges, established initially in response to the McClelland Report: ‘Review of Public Procurement in Scotland’, which made recommendations for public procurement reform. 

In responding to the challenges of procurement reform, APUC aims to meet and exceed client expectations. APUC assists clients with eSolutions by: 

“Facilitating the sector’s use of a wide range of systems to support procurement and related compliance processes, including the developing and delivery of bespoke systems to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of procurement resources in the sector and delivering a systems’ training programme. Managing business information to underpin benefits tracking and reporting to client institutions and the Scottish Government. Supporting use of the Public Contracts Scotland portal, Scottish Procurement Information Hub and Best Practice Indicators.”

APUC’s core vision is this: To maximise the value of Scotland’s investment in further and higher education by working in partnership with institutions to support and enable sustainable innovation in procurement and shared optimisation. 

Engagement priorities within HE

Whilst Wotter can be utilised to meet HEIs’ unique engagement objectives, there are specific outlines as to how the platform can assist with the more common goals within UK HEIs. The goals identified are: 

  • Protecting faculty members against the adverse effects of funding cuts
  • Competing with international institutions
  • Balancing engagement disparities between junior and senior employees
  • Meeting different needs across roles
  • Developing highly effective change management strategies
  • Nurturing line communication
  • Improving ED&I continuously
  • Providing a better student experience 

Find out more about how Wotter supports these objectives, or see how the platform could help your institution


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