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AI Powered Pulse Surveying

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Unlock your staff’s full potential with Wotter. Our AI-powered platform takes the guesswork out of employee engagement by asking your people the right questions at the right time. 

We deliver actionable insights so you can focus on what matters – creating a happy, motivated and empowered workforce. Engage your staff, engage your students.

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Wotter AI Dashboard

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Discover the benefits Wotter can bring to your institution

Gather employee feedback in real time across 24 engagement areas with Wotter’s automated pulse surveys. 

Slice and view all engagement data by demographics when you switch on the live ED&I survey

Design initiatives based on live feedback and track the impact on specific engagement areas to better engage your employees – and your students.

Pulse surveys

Collect geniune feedback with anonymous surveys

Skip the guesswork and tap into your team’s real thoughts and concerns with AI powered pulse surveys.

From pulse polls to expert-crafted surveys on DE&I, burnout risk and more, we make it simple to monitor engagement and belonging in real time.

Our anonymised insights and reporting tools help you quickly address issues, improve inclusion, boost satisfaction and foster a culture where every employee feels valued and empowered.

Wotter App Example
Screenshot of the Wotter dashboard shows AI generated suggestions pop up in the bottom right hand side of the screen offering initiative advice to help with a particular issue seen to crop up regularly in employee notes.

Class Leading AI

Use the power of AI to highlight key problems

Make sense of employee feedback faster with Wotter’s built-in AI assistant. Our advanced cluster analysis reviews open-ended comments and groups related themes so you can easily visualise your priorities.

But we go beyond surface-level insights. Wotter’s AI studies your engagement data, interprets the key takeaways and then provides expert recommendations on how to tackle problem areas.

Forget guessing what the numbers mean – our AI tells you straight up where your culture needs nurturing and how to get there. 

Action Example

Action tracking

Track your progress for targeted, data-driven improvements

Stop wondering and start knowing what employee engagement strategies work. Our unlimited action tracking makes it simple to monitor initiatives across your whole business.

Detailed analytics allow you to justify expenditures, guide budget allocation, and pinpoint high-impact focus areas.

With clear visibility into what’s moving the needle, you can double down on what works and swiftly adjust course where needed. Data-driven decision making has never been easier.

Anonymous Conversation Example - Bubble 1
Anonymous Conversation Example - Bubble 2

Anonymous chats

Encourage open communication with anonymous chats

Our platform helps you hear the full spectrum of employee perspectives – not just the loudest voices.

With anonymity, people feel safe to freely share suggestions, questions, concerns and ideas without fear of judgement.

Managers can dive into two-way dialogue to better understand issues, provide feedback and show appreciation, all without compromising privacy.

Recognition example 3
Screenshot 2023 11 01 at 14.33.00
Recognition example 1

Employee recognition

Help your team celebrate each other

Let gratitude flow freely across your business. Our employee recognition software makes it easy for everyone to send timely shoutouts to colleagues, highlighting achievements big and small.

With an open channel for peer-to-peer kudos, you empower employees at all levels to acknowledge unsung heroes, reinforce valued behaviours and strengthen workplace culture. 

Don’t let appreciation fade away unspoken. Use Wotter to turn employee praise into an instant habit companywide.

Live feedback with next generation analytics? The future of employee engagement is now.

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