Give your employees a way to voice their ideas & concerns

Streamlining a business is easy when you draw on your best resource: your teams

Anonymous suggestions remove the anxiety barrier and give your employees a way to express what they need to thrive in their role. 


Anonymous employee chat

Navigate delicate conversations with ease & anonymity

Empower employees to open up further about anything mentioned in a suggestion. 

Opening a chat with any suggestions left to ask for a bit more info/give feedback allows the employee in question to respond with complete anonymity. 

The psychological safety of anonymity gives team members more freedom to tell you what’s really going on, so you can solve problems before they worsen

Employee suggestions & AI sentiment analysis

Take in the big talking points without sifting through thousands of notes

Don’t fall into a rabbit hole of suggestions every time you open the dashboard – understand the sentiment behind large quantities of notes in one moment with AI sentiment analysis

This overview takes you out of analysis paralysis and gives you quick, actionable data to turn into a solution. 

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Gain insight into your employees' hidden world

Company culture starts with employee voice