Wotter’s 25% charity & not-for-profit discount

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At Wotter, we want to make work better. We believe that when people enjoy work more, they can do a better job and feel better in their everyday lives. 

Employee experience is important to us at the best of times, but especially so when the company in question is trying to make our world a better place. 

That’s why Wotter is giving all charity and not-for-profit organisations a 25% discount.

How Wotter can help your charity or not-for-profit organisation

Wotter has been supporting organisations like yours for years in their mission to retain talented employees, improve the bottom line and build a culture to withstand change.

We’re proud to see employees enjoying the platform just as much as admins/leaders  – here’s what one user has to say about the Wotter app.

Spend your time and money in the right places

Your resources are precious; Wotter helps you understand where’s best to spend them.

After a few months of using Wotter, one of our not-for-profit clients (we’ll call them Company X) began to see a concerning decline in productivity and morale within their Sales team. They believed this decline was due to an overwhelming workload in this department, and the business considered decreasing the workload, or even hiring more staff to take the pressure off.

Then, Wotter detected a trend of employee notes with a unanimous sentiment showing that the real issue was with workflow, not workload. Company X responded by creating a weekly project set-up, so employees could always leave work on Friday with a sense of having completed their assignments rather than feeling stressed over the weekend by the indefinite amount of yet-to-do work. 

Company X created an Action on Wotter labelled Weekly Workflow, selected the engagement areas they wanted to track alongside it, and within a short time, they saw a healthy incline in productivity, morale and several wellbeing metrics in their Sales Team. 

Understanding where the problem was really coming from was crucial for this organisation since they narrowly avoided the cost of new hires (who likely would’ve suffered the same issue). 

Build a more inclusive culture 

In divisive times, it’s more important than ever to build a culture of inclusivity for everybody in your organisation.

Wotter’s live ED&I survey tells you how communities within your organisation feel year-round, whilst continuous questions allow employees to develop a deeper understanding of inclusion through their own eyes. These questions are simple and non-polarising, giving every member of your team a way to feed back their experience without judgment.

Using Wotter’s ED&I survey gives you the ability to filter all employee engagement metrics by personal characteristics (e.g. ethnicity), meaning you can easily spot where employees need some extra support. As always, we protect your employees’ anonymity, so your team can answer questions with confidence. 

Design and adapt your people strategy

A lot of organisations design a people strategy for the next year based on employee feedback that becomes outdated within the next month

Live feedback gives you the ability to create and adapt individual Actions throughout the year which build towards your larger employee engagement goals. Your Wotter dashboard points you towards focus areas and even gives you personalised AI suggestions on how to make improvements. 

See how Wotter could help your organisation today

Get in touch or book a demo to find out more about how Wotter could help you boost engagement, stay in touch with your team and build a stronger company culture today. 

And claim your 25% discount!* Wotter you waiting for?

*This discount can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts


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