How to become a Sunday Times ‘Best Place to Work’

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How do you get judged as one of the Best Places to Work in The Sunday Times?

Every year, a select number of companies are heralded as a Best Place to Work by The Sunday Times. Getting this status is a dream for many companies, and we’re proud to say that two of our clients achieved it this year – the7stars and Carrington West, both down to their hard work and dedication to employee engagement and experience. 

So, how do you do it? 

Are you going for the Top 10 Best Places to Work or a Special Award?

You’ve got a few categories you can win or rank for.

You can rank in the Top 10 Best Places to Work lists for:

  • Small organisations (10-49 employees)
  • Medium organisations (50-249 employees)
  • Big organisations (250-1,999 employees)
  • Very big organisations (2,000+ employees)

Or, you can get the Special Award as one of the Best Places to Work for:

  • Women
  • Disabled employees
  • Ethnic minority employees
  • LGBTQA+ employees
  • 16-34 year olds
  • 55+ year olds
  • Employee wellbeing

Whilst Special Awards are only awarded to one company per category, there are commendations for the 3 runners up of each category.

How are winners selected?

The winners are selected solely from the results of an employee survey asking questions on 6 key drivers of engagement:

  • Empowerment
  • Reward & recognition
  • Job satisfaction
  • Information sharing
  • Wellbeing
  • Instilling pride

How to get on a Top 10 Best Places to Work list

Many successful companies applying to be in the Top 10 gather data on the key engagement areas months in advance to assess and improve their employee engagement levels. The Times‘ survey is a one-time questionnaire; in other words, you get one shot, so going in blind could mean you fork out the entry fee, miss the mark and have to wait another year to re-enter.

Wotter’s live employee pulse surveys cover all 6 of the key topics from the Times’ Top 10 survey, giving you up-to-date feedback at all times automatically. Real-time data shows you areas of engagement you might need to boost before competition time, so you can create targeted Actions and track their impact to easily form a people strategy that strengthens your company culture months before the deciding Top 10 survey comes around.

Wotter’s benchmarking can also show you ahead of competition time where you stand in each different facet of engagement compared to other employers.

How to get a Special Award

The Special Awards are geared towards a particular subset of employee experience, covering:

  • Gender (Women)
  • Age (16-34 year olds, 55+ year olds)
  • Personal characteristics (Disability, Ethnic Minority, LGBTQIA+)
  • Employee wellbeing

This is where specific data becomes very important.

Many employers applying for these awards are confident in their ability to engage employees within these demographics/categories. But when your company is one of many who feel this way, how are you to tell where you rank in advance?

Wotter’s benchmarking allows you to see how your business compares to others across every area of engagement in relation to gender, age, personal characteristics and more. This perspective can help you to get into the Top 10 lists, too, but it’s particularly useful for securing a Special Award.

Wotter’s pulse surveys also take regular checks of your employees’ personal and professional wellbeing, giving you specific feedback on a range of topics you can tackle to take your wellbeing to the next level – in plenty of time for your Special Award application.

Make a start today

Want to start working on your award strategy? With Wotter’s live employee feedback and AI assistance, it’s easy to track and boost your employee engagement in all the desired areas.

Book a demo today to find out more about how Wotter could help you become one of The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work.


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