2023 Report

What do we know about professionals who leave a job?

Written by Jasper Wilson

The world of work is constantly changing. To be at the forefront of employee engagement, you need to constantly change and adapt with it. 

Our 2023 scientific research paper is here to make that a little easier. We look at overall trends for why your staff might be looking for the exit door, as well as the warning signs that you can look out for.

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Wotter Research - 2023 Report Cover

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Warning! This report is quite heavy. So if you like stats and graphs etc, carry on! Otherwise here's some key findings.

  • People start to show signs of leaving a job up to 60 weeks before they leave
  • How men will often act on negative experiences at work quicker
  • How younger workers need less of a push in order to leave
  • How the age old mantra: “People don’t leave jobs, they leave their managers” might not be true any longer, and should be replaced with “People don’t leave jobs, they leave their teams
  • How a trigger in the workplace often leads to someone leaving after 80 weeks

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