A team member’s perspective on Wotter’s employee engagement app

Zack Sebbana
Regional Account Manager
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I've been at the REC for 5 years now. It's a great place to work; it’s got a great culture, they always put their people first, and they’re always on hand to give support. The main difference Wotter's made from my perspective is that it helps boost morale; thanking people on Wotter has more meaning as the whole company are made aware.”

Zack, what were your first impressions of Wotter?

“I was skeptical at first because these kinds of things can be time-consuming and do very little, but as soon as I saw the orange writing I thought oh this looks different, and the process is seamless. 

The app‘s got a fun and engaging style – you log on and you get asked these easy questions of how much you agree with different statements, love the dial – you just slide 1 to 10 how much you agree. 

It’s very visually stimulating – a lot better than a white page full of questions!” 

And what do you like most about Wotter? 

“The main thing I like about Wotter is being able to give kudos.

So after you get asked your questions, you get asked whether there’s someone you’d like to thank and you get a drop-down of the names of people you’ve been working with. We usually answer our questions and give kudos on Fridays, so it helps encourage us not only to thank each other but to reflect on our week too and acts almost like a weekly review.

A while ago, I was having a hard day at work coming up against a bit of an issue, and I spoke to my manager David about it and he was so supportive. David gave me some reassurance, sat down with me to make a plan and really helped me turn the situation round into a positive result. I really appreciated what he did for me, so as well as thanking him in person I went straight on Wotter to say thank-you and write a few lines about how he’d helped me, knowing it would likely reach the CEO. It wouldn’t feel very natural to go and knock on the CEO’s door to tell him about this but Wotter meant I could show my appreciation for David to the whole company really easily.”