Picture of a speech bubble created using negative space – there is a green background carved into the shape of a bubble by a lot of yellow lined pieces of card. Inside the speech bubble, there are three scrumpled pieces of this yellow card which form an ellipsis. Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash
Employee Surveys

Why should I use employee surveys?

Why you need employee surveys When you’re going out to market, you start out by doing some customer research. Once you’ve pushed your product or service out, you keep surveying

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Image of two men – Fraser and Shem – stood next to each other in a workshop with tools behind them. Both are smiling.

Growth Mindset

Does throwing your student’s work away encourage a Growth Mindset?  In the picture above, on the left, you’ll see Fraser, our CEO and Co-Founder, stood next to Shem, the man

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Asif Naidu Top Trumps 3 2

Asif Naidu

During your time in business, what employee engagement story sticks in your mind most?  Understanding people’s strengths is really important, irrespective of how close a relationship you might have with

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Grahame Carter Top Trumps 2 1

Grahame Carter

So Grahame, what springs to mind when you think about employee engagement?  Well, we’re in a business with a high staff turnover, but with that comes a high level of

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