Pulse Surveys 101: 10 Key Benefits of AI Pulse Surveys for HR Leaders

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Annual surveys have been a key string to the HR professional’s bow for many years. But we think the time has come to say they’re a bit outdated…

You see, by the time you’ve crunched the data and pulled out the key insights, the damage is likely done. It could have turned into something more serious or left your employees feeling undervalued and unheard. So, what’s the point?

I’m sensing some virtual head nods? Well maybe it’s time to switch to agile pulse surveys powered by AI.

“Why should we do that!” I hear you cry? Well here’s some of the key benefits of ai pulse surveys, and why you should consider restringing that bow.

Increased Response Rates

Short, frequent surveys sent straight to smartphones mean much higher participation. No more survey fatigue from marathon yearly questionnaires. Response rates of 70%+ are common with our clients. Our AI pulse surveys even take this a step further and target the most appropriate questions to users at the most appropriate times.

Reduced Survey Fatigue

Speaking of survey fatigue – quick pulse checks avoid overburdening staff. The novel format actually increases engagement over time. Employees are happy to provide feedback more often when surveys are concise and convenient. With increased flexibility and freedom, you might find that employees are actually more open to speaking their minds.

Spot Trends Between Surveys

Continuous pulse checks allow you to spot emerging trends and patterns. For example, you may see engagement dipping on certain teams, or satisfaction with leadership declining over time. Pulse surveys help you pick up on shifting attitudes quickly. Using our AI, you can even break down your notes into their common themes, and find out how what’s being spoken about the most, and by which teams.

Segment Data for Different Teams

Easily get breakdowns of results by department, function, or demographics. Target insights and actions to where they’re most relevant. Understand nuances between business units. Identify standout groups for benchmarking.

Track Progress on Initiatives

Measure the true impact of new programs, policies or campaigns with regular feedback. Rather than guessing if they’re working, simply ask employees. Making any necessary adjustments in real time vs. waiting a full year can save you a shedload of money.

Enable Agility and Rapid Response

Issues raised in pulse surveys can be addressed promptly before escalating. Move at the speed employees expect. For example, if you learn of communication gaps or bottlenecks, you can course correct right away.

Tackle Issues Early

Nip problems in the bud that would otherwise fester before that yearly survey. Real-time insights allow real-time actions. Don’t let challenges become crises. Proactively listen and respond before they have a time to snowball.

Identify Training Needs

Pulse checks can pinpoint knowledge or skill gaps needing L&D programs. Tailor learning initiatives to current needs rather than making assumptions.personalise development.

Bolster Inclusion and Belonging

Regular touch points ensure all voices are heard. Uncover pockets of disengagement or exclusion quickly, especially amongst marginalised groups. Address diversity gaps others miss.

Drive Action and Accountability

Share insights cross-functionally and track follow-up. Turn employee perspectives into impact. Use regular pulses to demonstrate you’re listening and committing to change.

Ready to rethink traditional surveys? AI-powered pulse methodology delivers the real-time insights you need in today’s fast changing workplace. Reach out to learn more!


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