25 Fun and Interesting Employee Engagement Ideas

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So employee engagement is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, and not everyone has a tool to get things kicked off (here if you want a chat though 👀). So we thought we’d put together a list of 25 employee engagement ideas that you could put into place to get started!

Now this list is far from exhaustive, and one solution may be ideal for one company and horrible for the next. So use your initiative when putting these into place to determine whether it might be a good idea or not!

Anyway… here’s:

25 employee engagement ideas

1. Encourage innovation time

Give people a few hours a week to explore new ideas or passion projects. It unleashes creativity and shows you value innovation! Plus a few hours off work can be a godsend if you’re in the middle of something slightly tedious…

2. Provide feedback channels like surveys and focus groups

We had to slip in a pro Wotter point, sorry!

But seriously! Surveys, focus groups, and other ways to share input make employees feel heard. Taking action on suggestions shows you’re listening, which in turn boosts the communication channels. Even if you don’t use a platform like Wotter, implement some form of feedback channel in your business, your staff will thank you.

3. Host employee appreciation events and award ceremonies

Go all out with awards, gifts, parties and celebrations to recognise achievements and say thanks. It makes people feel truly appreciated! One of the most powerful tools leaders have in their arsenals is the ability to give praise, it’s free too!

4. Offer professional development and learning stipends

Invest in your people’s growth through training, coaching, tuition help and more. Saying “yes” to their development goals means so much. Plus it upscales your existing team and expands your potential as a business. More experience = More ideas = More good stuff.

5. Support employee resource groups

Support networks based on shared interests or experiences promote inclusivity and connections. Helps people feel like they belong. Having people around you that share your passions is never a bad thing.

6. Coordinate community service days

Volunteer initiatives give back to the community together and unite teams for an inspiring cause. It invites staff to give back in ways they might not normally, and show that you as a business are not afraid to help out the wider community. Which is pretty nice if you ask us.

7. Provide wellness benefits like gym discounts and mental health days

A good amount of us are at work 8 hours a day all week. 8 hours * 7 days * 4 weeks * 12 months = A LOT of hours at work. Perks like gym discounts, healthy snacks, and mental health days show employees you’ve got their back, and provide opportunities for keeping their health in good nick. (Which has other benefits like reduced absenteeism!)

8. Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration

 Break silos by bringing different departments together for projects. People who don’t necessarily have a lot of experience in an area think differently to those that do. They might help solve that tricky problem you’ve been working on for a while.

9. Structure extensive employee onboarding programmes

There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and just being left to your own devices. Make a new hire’s first month amazing with company swag, mentors, celebrations – the full VIP experience. Get people pumped up and invested on day one!

10. Offer work flexibility with remote options

Obviously this isn’t possible in all scenarios, and many companies need staff on-site for a variety of reasons. But if it’s possible to do, remote options, generous time off policies, and schedule control help employees maintain work-life harmony. You trust your people!

11. Fund external development opportunities like conferences

Sponsor conferences, workshops, courses – whatever will help people develop skills. Employees direct their own growth. Again this helps up-skill your staff, and the networking opportunities they’ll come across are pretty valuable too.

12. Arrange lunch & learns for employees to share expertise

Employees present on their passions, hobbies, expertise. Provides fun bonding time while learning something new!

13. Form committees around diversity, sustainability, social events

These kind of groups are incredibly important. And there will likely be a few of your staff who are passionate about them. Let them lead the way to empower your team from the ground up.

14. Develop peer-to-peer recognition programmes

Employees nominate coworkers for shout-outs and rewards. It’s a great way to foster team cohesion and get everyone on side. Who doesn’t like a pat on the back from time to time.

15. Host frequent town hall meetings and Q&As

Leadership updates on strategy and achievements build trust through transparency. It can be hard to fully get behind the vision of a company if you have no idea where you’re going or what’s in the works. Q&As give people a voice.

16. Allow job shadowing across departments

Employees could shadow roles or teams to gain perspective, which can bond people through shared experience and learning. They may find that they want to learn more about another role, or maybe they get a better understanding of the other teams day to day which could improve communication.

17. Gather employees for leader roundtable lunches

Get leadership and employees talking openly. Which can really go some distance to opening a two-way conversation.

18. Schedule team building activities like pub quizzes

This one may not be everyones cup of tea! But friendly competitions and activities like trivia nights bring people together and can remind everyone we’re people first!

19. Suggestion Boxes and result review

Not everyone is happy marching into their manager’s office with a complaint. Anonymous drop boxes let people share ideas and input safely. However you also need to take the time to acknowledge these suggestions to show that you are listening.

20. Offer paid sabbaticals for long-term staff

Multi-week paid time off recharges loyal long-term employees. You want your people at their best! Encouraging someone who has done so much for you, to go out and potentially fulfil a life long dream is incredibly empowering.

21. Celebrate work anniversaries and milestones

Gifts, shout-outs for anniversaries, birthdays and achievements make people feel special. It’s the little things!

22. Foster friendly innovation competitions

Department challenges harness spirit and creativity for solving business problems. Anything that sparks innovation is a major plus for your business!

23. Upgrade the workspace based on employee input

Seek input to improve lighting, ergonomics, collaborative spaces, etc. Employees want to love where they work, and it’s not exactly motivating coming into a drab, boring, under-equipped office everyday!

24. Encourage employees to share company news on social

Get people to feel like part of the brand. Fostering a good social presence with all of your staff can help them in future opportunities, as well as humanising and creating a great sense of unity for your brand.

25. Send out upbeat employee newsletters

Last one! Send out regular updates on company goings on, people, event etc. Keeps everyone connected and in the know!

Now of course this isn’t the be and end all of engagement. And different cultures and environments have their own separate challenges. So you’ll need to use a bit of initiative and imagination when it comes to implementing these.

Get creative with your employee engagement ideas and have fun with engaging your team! Reach out to us on LinkedIn if you want to bounce around more ideas.


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