I’ve already got an HR platform – why use Wotter?

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I already pay for an HR platform that can run employee engagement surveys. Why use Wotter, too?

All-singing, all-dancing HR platforms, whilst great for a host of functions, do not specialise in employee engagement surveys.

Wotter does.

Wotter’s surveys are created with direct collaboration from experts like:

Jill Garrett – ex-MD of Gallup, one of the world’s most prolific researchers into the world of work and employee engagement. Jill has worked closely with us to build our 6 key areas of engagement and their pulse surveys.

Dr Olga Frańczak – holding a PhD on equality laws and policies, Dr Frańczak has advised the Council of Europe on Diversity and Inclusion. She has had an instrumental role in Wotter’s live ED&I survey.

Chris Potempa – previously a Google research engineer and quantitive analyst for a London-based hedgefund, Chris is a world-leading AI developer who is actively working at Wotter to continually expand our AI capabilities.

It’s an additional expense I just can’t justify. What I have might not be the best, but it does the job. 

Your business success hinges on your culture. A better culture is created using better data.

Whilst you may be content with a culture that is “good enough”, your competitor is working hard to build the best culture.

Culture outperforms strategy every time – you need your people to thrive if you want to win the race.

Not to mention, a great culture will pay dividends in employee retention, productivity and even recruitment.

I don’t have time for ANOTHER platform. 

You may be spending far more time managing surveys on your existing platform than you would with Wotter.

Currently, do you have to create or schedule surveys manually?

The time cost of manual surveys builds up…well, quickly.

Sending surveys on Wotter is a switch-flipping exercise. You flip the switch, we send the surveys continuously – feeding you data that’s always live and up-to-date.

Our surveys cover:

  • Employee engagement
  • ED&I
  • Much more

Continuous data sounds like a bit too much to handle…

The HR pros using Wotter report that they spend just 10 minutes a day on the dashboard. In that 10 minutes, our clients can see:

  • A quick priority list based on engagement across your company – created by Wotter’s AI assistant who dutifully analyses your data 
  • Deeper engagement insights – think loyalty in the Marketing team, composure on the shop floor, or handling employee issues amongst ethnic minorities 
  • Notes from employees about specific issues – hundreds of notes are summarised by our AI if you’re in a pinch for time
  • How effective initiatives are at influencing areas of engagement – Wotter takes all of the complicated data points and puts them into a simple graph, so you can see at a glance which way is up

Getting this run-down of the people side of the business helps our clients get a better read on where to spend their efforts during the rest of the day.

I’m intrigued.

Great. Get in touch to have a no-obligation chat with us.


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