Company Burnout Cost Calculator

The hidden bottom line that can save you millions

Burnout is a silent drain on productivity and employee wellbeing. But do you know just how much it could be costing your company?

Our Employee Burnout Calculator is here to bridge the knowledge gap. By quantifying the tangible and intangible costs of burnout, you’ll gain valuable insights into the true impact on your bottom line.














The hidden cost of
employee burnout in your business (per year)


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We are living in a fear-based world, where burnout and trauma are on the rise. Recent research by Softer Success & Sheffield University has revealed that a new trauma-infused burnout is arising. One that includes moral injury and cognitive impairment and it’s leading to more and more people struggling to cope.

How healthy is your company, how healthy are your employees? Do you really know?

A Walk Through the Forest‘ is Softer Success’s scientific 90-second anonymous diagnostic platform, designed to assess and prevent the risk of burnout. The first step is to measure how healthy a company or team is. By measuring and addressing burnout, you could save millions!

– Cara de Lange, Softer Success

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Working with live data means you can catch problems before they snowball and spot every window of opportunity to make work better for everyone. Click the link below to find out more.

The Softer Success ® Wellbeing Assessment our diagnostic tool – is a 90 second psychometric test to assess the risk of burnout in organisations and teams.

It provides immediate solutions for teams and can be linked back to existing company benefits. In our first 2 case studies we have demonstrated that by using this tool the risk of burnout was reduced by 5% in the organisation resulting in happier, healthier more productive employees and high cost savings.